Volunteer Application

Please select from the list below the ministry(ies) in which you are most interested in serving.

Then fill out the application in full to the best of your ability. Once submitted, someone from the offices will be in contact with you. PLEASE NOTE: typing your name digitally on this form will serve as your signature, and upon submission of the form, you are agreeing to those terms.

Thank you for serving at CRC!


Marital Status

Have you been filled with the Holy Spirit (according to Acts 2:4)?

Have you been baptized in water?

Do you give regularly to CRC?

Do you consider yourself a part of the CRC community?

Have you served in a church before?

Do you have any physical handicaps or conditions preventing you from performing certain types of activities related to serving?

Have you ever been convicted of a crime?

Do you now have or have you every had an addiction to:
Do you use opioids or other narcotic prescription drugs?

Qualifications for Service in Christian Renewal Church Ministries

Christians who are given responsibility in the church are required to be examples in faith, conduct, and business affairs. To maintain a high standard in service is one of the best ways to present Christ to the people of our community. Therefore, the following guidelines will be required of any person who serves in any Ministry at Christian Renewal Church.

1. Must be in agreement with the tenets of faith of Christian Renewal Church (see What We Believe).

2. Be regular attendee of Christian Renewal Church Community. A regular attendee is someone who attends Sunday service and Connect Groups (when applicable) at least twice a month.

3. Be able to make a minimum six-month commitment.

4. Complete a Ministry Application.

5. Be loyal to the pastor and leaders of CRC.

6. Be faithful to your assigned position.

7. Live a set-apart, Christian life.

8. Attend volunteer meetings and workshops.

9. Give at least three (3) days notice if you know you will be absent.

10. Be at your designated post thirty (30) minutes before starting time.

11. Be neat in your appearance.

12. Complete appropriate training course(s) if required in your area of ministry.

13. Give thirty (30) days notice when resigning your position.

Please note, upon typing your name in the box below, this will serve as your digital signature to the above qualifications. You thereby agreeing that you have read the above qualifications and will abide by them to the best of your ability.

Christian Renewal Church Authorization for Release of Information

In connection with my application for volunteer service with Christian Renewal Church, I authorize Christian Renewal Church and, or ACCUFAX, or any agency of their choice, to solicit background information relative to my criminal record history. I understand that Christian Renewal Church may conduct inquiries into my background that may include criminal records, personal references and other public record reports pertaining to me.

I authorize without reservation, any person, agency, or other entity contacted by Christian Renewal Church, or ACCUFAX, or any other agency of their choice for purposes of obtaining background report information, to furnish the above mentioned information.

I release Christian Renewal Church, their respective employees, or ACCUFAX, their agent and employees and all persons, agencies and entities providing information for reports about me from any and all liability arising out of furnishing any such information or reports.

(Please note: If your address is a rural route or post office, we must have the city and county that your mail is delivered to.)

Thank you for applying to serve in the Ministries of Christian Renewal Church!