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FEED THE CHILDREN  It takes the power of many to end childhood hunger: donors who believe in the cause, experts to diagnose the problem and innovate solutions, organizations to pool their resources and expertise, and communities to work together for change. Feed the Children exists to end childhood hunger. It’s the cause upon which we were founded in 1979 and the one that we continue to fight for each and every day. We know it takes the power of many to end childhood hunger for good. We connect donors, experts, partners, leaders and communities to attack the problem from all angles. We are taking a stand and we will not rest until every child has enough to eat.
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OPERATION MOBILIZATION  The role of this organization in the body of Christ is to motivate, develop and equip people for world evangelization and to strengthen and help plant churches, especially among the unreached in the Middle East, Europe, South and Central Asia.

We have been supporting John and Marie-C Skiotis through this organization. They have been tent makers in the Arabian Peninsula for several years and are now living in London to work with Operation Mobilization Turning Point. Remember to lift them up in prayer for provision, protection, power and grace to live so far from their families. To learn more please go to:


Lifeline International

Lifeline International, Inc. exists for the promotion of the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.  They serve as a missions resource ministry providing equipment, literature, finances and many other forms of practical help to churches, missionaries and ministries around the world.  Lifeline International also serves as a vehicle for the ministry of evangelist Bill Otten. 
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Living Water International 

For Living Water it's all about Jesus. It's about demonstrating God's love, announcing his kingdom, seeing Jesus in the least of our brothers and sisters, offering a cup of water in Jesus' name and proclaiming his gospel, the living water.

Helping communities create sustainable water, sanitation, hygiene, and Christian witness programs in partnership with local churches is just the best way we've found to do that. Why? Because the water crisis affects poverty, women, health and education—and for us it's a spiritual issue.

663 million people lack access to an improved source of drinking water—that's 1 in 9 of us. In the places we work, it's more like 1 in 2 . Great progress is being made globally, but whole people groups are being overlooked—it's the poorest people with the least political power that continue to suffer, and these are the people we are called to serve. 
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World Missions Advance The vision of WMA is to serve and train Christians in every nation where there is an open door.  World Missions Advance also facilitates missionaries serving on the foreign field by providing administrative and bookkeeping services, placement service, pastoral care, prayer support and conferences in their nations.  WMA is dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission, making disciples of all nations by sharing doctrinally based teaching to Central and South America, Eurpoe, Asia, Africa and the United States. 
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Amazon Xpeditions The vision of AX is to train indigenous pastors, church leaders and native Tikuna missionaries to evangelize the unreached tribes of the Amazon Jungle. Amazon Xpeditions evangelize, train and mobilize believers from the Tikuna tribe to evangelize other un-reached tribes through planting new churches, ministering the Gospel in other dialects, distributing Christian literature and medical supplies. 
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Maranatha Faith Ministries Xpeditions

Established in the year 1982 with a God given vision, the ministry of Maranatha Visvasa Samajam was started by Pastor Moses Choudary Gullapalli with a unique strategy to reach the unreached people groups in India in the context of their culture. With over 45 years of ministerial experience, and a heart burning for the lost and the poor, Pastor Choudary is a graduate of Lee College with B.S. in Biblical Studies, and of Church of God Theological Seminary with MA in Missiology.

Today, this ministry has 160 Pastors & Churches, 3 Bible Schools training youth for the ministry, 3 Children Homes with 350 boys & girls from orphan, poor, and needy backgrounds, an Asram caring for the widows & destitute, a Monthly Magazine and a Television Ministry to reach the unreached millions in the 10-40 window. 
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SCORE International The purpose of SCORE International is to Evangelize, Encourage Missionaries and Equip Participants to do the work of foreign missions. Their goal is to produce career missionaries and/or create greater partnerships between local churches in the USA and foreign missionaries for the glory of God. The name of this Christian organization means "Share Christ Our Redeemer Everywhere."
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